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Trinity Baptist Church, known as the Faith Diamond, is recognized as an establishment comprised of people with unsurmountable faith. Since it was founded, it has been the representative testimony of what God is capable of doing for the believer. The vision of the church reflects the desire that all of its members have a basic understanding of the fundamental truths that guide humanity; In addition, there is a shared obligation to do more than merely assure the genuine conversion and commitment of the members of the body. There is also the mission to provide a certain level of training so that those who co-labor with the ministry can have clear Christian direction.


On February 8, 1976 the Trinity Mission became recognized by the Sharon Baptist Association of Virginia and the Allied Bodies as the Trinity Baptist Church. It began as a small group of believers in September 1975 and held services in the Swanson Homes auditorium until August of 1976 when the purchase of the property at 500 Marlboro Street was secured. Reverend O.L. Cromwell, Sr. would serve as the Founding Father and Pastor until his demise on May 7, 1989. Under his leadership the church thrived and continued to blossom into a strong body of believers. Various ministries were established within that time, and a foundation of love was laid that continues to be the thread joining the co-laborers together.


After Pastor Cromwell Senior went home to be with our Lord, the body called the present pastor, Dr. O.L. Cromwell II, to take the helm and continue the legacy. The grief stricken congregation banned together and united their plight to support O.L. Cromwell Ministries in spreading the gospel of the Good News. With the blessing of the existing membership, Dr. Cromwell continued in pursuit of his father’s vision by paying off land that was purchased and drawing plans for the new building that reflect Pastor Senior’s love for baseball. Thus, the name “The Faith Diamond” was created and adopted to represent the shape of a baseball field and the foundation of faith upon which the ministry is built.


On September 25, 1994, the congregation walked into the present edifice with only 88 members. Church membership began to flourish and soon exceeded 4,000. Many ministries and outreach programs were organized and developed. Faith Diamond Christian Academy was soon founded and became a pillar of education for the youth of the church and surrounding communities. Dr. Cromwell later implemented the appointment of Co-Pastor Cromwell in his effort to meet the increasing needs of the body.


On May 7, 2000, Trinity dedicated the 18,000 square ft. O.L. Cromwell, Sr. Family Life Center. This consists of a college regulation size basketball court, a volleyball court, a 30 by 40 foot swimming pool, exercise and weight rooms, locker rooms, two computer labs, and a commercial size kitchen. The center itself focuses largely on the family and is used as an overall fellowship for the body of Christ.


In April 2007, Trinity Faith Diamond ordained and installed the third generation of O.L. Cromwell Ministries, Pastor OJ, as Youth Pastor. Because of his tenacious manner and relentless effort to reach the unsaved, the body overwhelmingly embraced Pastor OJ and continues to exhibit the tremendous display of love traditionally shown to Pastor Cromwell Sr. and Dr. O.L. Cromwell, II.


In May 2011, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the new edifice. Since that time, the parking lot that will accommodate the expansion has been completed and new strides continue to be made toward completion of the building. The future church facility will feature a sanctuary that seats 2000 and will house offices, classrooms, a new bookstore, and media center.


On February 10, 2013, the officers and members of Trinity Faith Diamond declared their love, honor, and respect for their Pastor, Dr. O.L. Cromwell II, by the unanimous announcement of the body’s desire that he be elevated to the office of Bishop. Since that time, all efforts and focus in the ministry have been made toward the manifestation of that proclamation.


The history of Trinity Faith Diamond continues to be written as the realization of this great legacy unfolds, and souls continue to be added to the body of Christ. It is the firm belief of this ministry that the best is yet to come!


Our History

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