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Pastor O.L. Cromwell, III


Pastor O.J., as his Trinity family refers to him, is an honor graduate of both Granby High School in Norfolk, VA. And Norfolk State University. Before completing his high school education in the Norfolk Public School System, Pastor O.J. attended school in Chesapeake and played basketball for Great Bridge High School as well as Granby High School. In addition to that, he has been consistently affiliated with numerous basketball teams and leagues throughout his young career.


As a result of receiving extensive training and coaching from various AAU Teams and talented coaches in the area, Pastor O.J. was offered the opportunity to attend colleges and universities such as Wesleyan College, Elizabeth City State University, El Paso County College, Shaw University, Holy Cross, Livingstone College, and North Carolina Central University on academic and basketball scholarships. However, recognizing the profound call on his life, Pastor O.J. deemed it necessary to forgo the opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream in exchange for a higher assignment from God.

Pastor O.J. is esteemed by his Trinity family because of his passion for the youth and his anointed ability to convey the Word of God. His tenacious manner and relentless effort to reach the unsaved are surpassed only by his tremendous level of faith and ability to overcome obstacles.

Pastor O.J. graduated from Regent University's School of Divinity with a master's degree in Practical Theology. He further studied at Grand Canyon University and is presently seeking a Doctorate of Ministry degree from Wesley Seminary.


As Assistant Pastor, Pastor OJ oversees various youth ministries at Trinity Faith Diamond. To God be the Glory for the things he has done!

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